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Newcastle Brown Ale has announced the launch of the one and only Geordie Schooner. This unique glass will offer consumers an authentic beer drinking experience inspired by the brand’s English heritage. The Geordie Schooner will be used to serve the refreshing golden brown ale to its fans at pubs and bars nationwide (where legal).

  Originally called the Wellington glass, it became so popular in the city of Newcastle that it was renamed the Geordie Schooner – a tribute to the local residents nicknamed “Geordies.” The city of Newcastle’s bartenders continue to serve Newcastle Brown Ale in the same glass, and now beer drinkers stateside can appreciate the tradition.

“The story behind the Geordie Schooner brings Newcastle’s history to life for a new audience,” said Colin Westcott Pitt, Brand Director, Newcastle Brown Ale.

“Fans can now enjoy an authentic Newcastle pour and savor the one-of-a-kind flavor of a dark beer that’s easy to drink. It also offers on-premise retailers a new way to engage drinkers and increase sales of higher margin Newcastle Brown Ale."

The Geordie Schooner’s style is designed to enhance the draught beer experience, creating a unique pour that highlights the beer’s incredibly smooth flavor. The robust glass shape is as functional as it is good looking. The wide rim traps the rich, caramel aromas, thereby enhancing the flavor. The Schooner’s nucleated bottom features an etched star that allows CO2 bubbles to escape out of the ale, retaining the creamy foam head to create a refreshing and lively taste until you reach the bottom of the glass.

The 16-oz. and 20-oz. Geordie Schooner will be used in select bars and restaurants nationwide. A 5-oz. sampling glass and 17 inch tip jar will also be available in select markets.

Newcastle DraughtKeg

For off-premise retailers, the Newcastle DraughtKeg is also available for warm-weather partying. The 5-liter pressurized mini-keg is the perfect asset to any party or BBQ.

The DraughtKeg is sleek, portable, recyclable and perfect for enjoying a pint of Newcastle Brown virtually anywhere. The patented internal CO2 system keeps Newcastle fresh for up to 30 days. 

 Newcastle Brown Ale is imported by Heineken USA.


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