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October 17, 2012
A NEAT Night
Posted By Ariela Kozin
Leave it to owner Aidan Demarest to finish off NEAT 's first year of business with a bang. To celebrate the major feat, Demarest invited some of the industry's finest to enjoy a live band (The ...
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October 17, 2012
Bottling Matters
Posted By Ariela Kozin
It's no secret that there's been a steep rise in craft and artisan spirits. With a flurry of craft distilleries and craft brewers popping up, Owens-Illinois has come up with one solution to solve the ...
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July 31, 2012
Red Carpet Wine & Spirits
Posted By Jamie Solomon
At first, Red Carpet Wine looks like your average retail store. Stepping out of the brutal Glendale heat, I was welcomed by a refreshing blast of air. As I meandered the rows of wine and spirits that ...
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July 10, 2012
Captivating Caribbean Cocktails
Posted By Jamie Solomon
Bahama Breeze Island Grille is a casual dining restaurant that makes you feel as if you have escaped to the Caribbean...and what is a true vacation without a cold cocktail in your hand? Bahama Breeze ...
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March 26, 2012
Adventures in Victorian Drinking
Posted By Sara Joyce Robinson
It happens every time I watch Masterpiece Theater. I develop a craving for some archaic food or drink. Like Turkish delight, claret, or mead. Something I have never actually tasted, but sounds so ...
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February 27, 2012
The Naming Game, From Hop Whore To Nut Sack
Posted By Lisa P. Sutton
I'm a beer girl. I like an easy amber ale over lunch, a sharp IPA to sip while watching the Laker game. On a hastily-poured stout, I've been known to drink up the foamy head with a spoon. Though I ...
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February 21, 2012
Barrel-Aged Ales: A Gateway to Top-Shelf Spirits?
Posted By Paul Beilstein
Since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2010, I have met quite a few people whose drinking histories begin with craft beer. Unlike myself and most of my prior acquaintances, these drinkers did not begin ...
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February 13, 2012
Party In Aisle 4
Posted By Lisa P. Sutton
I hadn't planned to be drinking at noon. My ten-minute errand at BevMo turned into a three-hour detour. I had gone in only to replenish a few favorites, the Napa Smith Lost Dog Red Ale, a couple of ...
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November 02, 2011
It's Not Okay, It's ArKay . . . and It's Alcoholic-Free!
Posted By Zack Jenkins
It's not just beer and wine that can be non-alcoholic anymore. Whisky has entered the sober game. The $40 billion dollar non-alcoholic beverage market is experiencing a first: ArKay Alcoholic -Free ...
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January 25, 2011
How New EU Labeling Initiatives Will Affect US Packaging & Italian Wine
Posted By Emily Steers
The difference between DOCG, DOC, IGT (and all the other acronyms of years past) can make purchasing a pleasing bottle of Italian wine seem like an impossible challenge. So when importers, ...
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January 24, 2011
Vino 2011-- The Future of Italian Wine Press Conference
Posted By Emily Steers
In a press conference held this morning by the Italian Trade Commission, leading industry professionals gathered in a panel for a quick but informative overview about the future of the Italian wine ...
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June 07, 2010
Decoding the Shaker Face.
Posted By New York Barfly
What does your shaker face say about you? That’s the question that one cheeky website asks. Shaker Faces ( ) thinks that you can learn a lot about your bartender from the face that ...
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May 11, 2010
A Bar Bottles their Mixers for Retail
Posted By New York Barfly
Most high-end New York cocktail bars make their ingredients in house, but only one is getting ready to bottle their mixtures and sell them retail. The West Village’s Employees Only restaurant is set ...
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March 31, 2010
At SXSW, a pioneer is remembered
Posted By The Armchair Oenophile
It was, sadly, not the news I expected to hear at my first of many South By Southwest events in Austin last week: the news of Fess Parker's passing. For a number of us in the wine industry, Fess was a ...
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January 25, 2010
Angostura Bitters Shortage Affects Cocktail Boom
Posted By New York Barfly
Cocktail makers might have to ration the dashes of bitters in their recipes due to a looming shortage of the popular Angostura brand. Word has it that distributors and sales reps are running low on ...
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December 28, 2009
Another Jägermeister Competitor Enters the Ring
Posted By New York Barfly
Spirits companies have been hard at work trying to come up with their own proprietary herbal blends to counter the long time dominance of Jägermeister. In 2008, Hungarian liqueur Zwack was released to ...
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