Introducing Our New Cocktail Blogger
Posted by Tasting Panel Editors
Beginning next week, Paige McCune will be guest cocktail blogger for THE TASTING PANEL.

Here's how Paige puts her take on cocktails:

I am having a blast coming up with new recipes and experimenting with different flavor profiles.  Although the cocktail world is booming right now, mixologists seem to be stuck in a very safe mode. Most drinks are variations of cocktail classics, or are made with vodka plus a sweetener.  My goal is to create something to challenge the norm.  I want to think outside of the box. 

My mentor has always told me not to compromise a spirit just because it's in a cocktail. The object is not to mask the flavors but to be a master of the craft you are able to understand the integrity of the spirit and to bring those flavors forward. This blog is dedicated to just that; simple cocktails, only using three or four ingredients, specifically picked to push forward every individual taste each spirit has. In a sense less is more, sophistication lies in simply elevating your senses based on what each spirit has to offer.

We look forward to her creative concoctions!
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