A Little Piece of Ireland
Posted by Ariela Kozin

Tom Bergin's bar.



The classic irish coffee (left), with its cold counterpart, the sheridan (right).



       Among the flock of bars that open and close every year in Los Angeles, Tom Bergin's Old Horseshoe and Thoroughbred Club has prospered for over 60 years. Despite a recent make-over that forced the bar to close, today, Tom Bergin's still maintains a "no hassle" drinking mentality. "Even though we wanted more Duvel, our crowd is not overly fussy or fancy," said Kat Wittenburgh, Director of Operations. 
    And what is the signature drink at an Irish tavern? None other than the Irish coffee. While the drink may appear simple to patrons it has been in the making for longer than Tom Bergin's itself. The cocktail menu sites the drink's origins spanning as long ago as 1942, when the drink was served to warm up travelers before transatlantic trips. The secret to the sweet and comforting drink can be found in the cream. "Before re-opening we went through 80 options of cream until we landed on this local, organic farm cream," Wittenburgh says. 
    Success in four different dining establishments throughout LA, including Little Dom's, Dominik's, and 101 Café, all have the same running theme for Kat Wittenburgh and owners, Warner Ebbink and Brandon Boudet. "Changes are in the walls and the kitchen, but it essentially looks the same as it did in 1948," Wittenburgh muses,"The key is to never forget what the customer wants and they want history. We never forget that."

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