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March 27, 2012
Wednesdays Call for Whiskey
Posted By Megan Wieczorek
Whiskey has long been hailed as the quintessential man's drink, so imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived at the Next Door Lounge's "Whiskey Wednesdays" to find a table dominated by women. As my eyes feasted upon the four elite whiskies at ...
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March 26, 2012
Adventures in Victorian Drinking
Posted By Sara Joyce Robinson
It happens every time I watch Masterpiece Theater. I develop a craving for some archaic food or drink. Like Turkish delight, claret, or mead. Something I have never actually tasted, but sounds so delicious in theory. Unfortunately, most of these ...
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March 15, 2012
Lighten Up
Posted By Paul Beilstein
In my twenties, after a few years of Barleywines, Old Ales, and countless Double IPAs, I was feeling like a wine drinker in mid-March: I was ready for the beer world's equivalent of a crisp Muscadet. My expanding mid-section was ready, too. In many ...
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