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Posted by Jamie Solomon

At first, Red Carpet Wine looks like your average retail store. Stepping out of the brutal Glendale heat, I was welcomed by a refreshing blast of air. As I meandered the rows of wine and spirits that filled the shelves, I felt like I had stepped into a "Library of Liquor." To my right was a nice tasting area where a small group of ladies sat at a table sipping from their wine glasses and nibbling on some cheese.

Red Carpet Wine is a destination for people who don't want the crazy club and bar scene, but rather a calm local place to meet with clients or get together with friends. "It doesn't feel like a bar; I kind of look at it as my living room," said owner H.K. Hedlund. "It's a place we want our customers to take ownership of. We present it to them for them to use and enjoy."  

H.K. was right about that: Red Carpet Wine offers a homey experience with friendly staff that definitely know what they are talking about. Everything they sell has been tasted by at least one of the staff in order to ensure the highest quality for the store's customers.

While enomatic machines have become the norm, Red Carpet Wine has recently broken the mold by adding a beer on tap system. "One day, it all came to me," said H.K., "and I said to myself, 'You idiot, why aren't you serving beer on draft?'" Gathering a diverse group of craft beers from all over the country, this beer bar is for those who want unique, rare beers, some coming from breweries who don't even bottle their beer. Customers range from those with a developed repertoire of craft beer to those who simply have a thirst for knowledge-or just a thirst. Many of the customers read emails or check the website to see what the beer bar is pouring that week, whereas others will come in to have a beer and end up staying for a while to try something on tap. 

H.K.'s favorite beer that they've poured? Anything from Epic Brewing, a small brewery from Utah. "One of the things I really appreciate about this business and what we do is that it's not a billion-dollar marketing campaign by some international conglomerate," H.K. explained. "This is a couple of guys up in Utah tinkering with different styles and that is what makes this business fun!


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