Champagne-Infused Creations for New Year's Eve
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What bon-vivant doesn't get tired of plain old champagne on New Year's? NYC luxury catering company Canard, Inc. is proposing something more.

Check out their elegant champagne-infused creations, including the Cactus-Pear Tequila Martini and Champagne Pear & Aspic Desserts, as fun and exciting ways to ditch the usual bubbly dictated by tradition and ring in 2013 with a twist.

According to Canard's Event Director, Kelven Book, "Another truly customized option for celebrating New Year's is to create a signature champagne cocktail of your own. It's an easy way to add a special touch, and lesser-priced sparking wines can be used without affecting the cocktail. For example, Courvoisier, Grand Marnier, bitters, a bit of simple syrup and sparking wine, served up."

  Cactus Pear Tequila Martini

1 oz. cactus pear-infused tequila
0.25 oz. fresh lemon juice
0.25 oz. simple syrup

Shake the ingredients together, pour into a Martini glass amd top with champagne. Garnish lemon wheel.

Champagne Aspic

2 sheets gelatin (available in specialty stores)
or 2 oz. powdered gelatin
1 quart simple syrup
1 bottle champagne
Thinly sliced fruit for garnish, such as seedless grapes, berries of all kinds and mango

Soften gelatin sheets in cool water. Heat sugar syrup until warm to the touch. Add gelatin sheets and whisk to dissolve. (If using powdered gelatin, dissolve in liquid per instructions.) Add champagne.

Fill glass dishes with the liquid and transfer to the refrigerator until the mixture sets and becomes firm; at least 2 hours.
  To serve, garnish with sliced fruit and fresh mint.

*Note: Use clear glass dishes-old-fashioned champagne coupes or other footed glasses are particularly attractive-for serving to accentuate the delicate color. Do not use fruits high in acid, such as pineapple, for the garnish or the aspic will begin to dissolve on contact.

Canard, Inc., one of the leading caterers and event planners in NYC, offers menu and cocktail creations ranging from thematic to seasonally inspired.
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