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November 16, 2011
Make up Your Freakin' Minds, Researchers!
Posted By Zack Jenkins
Is wine good for me or not?! A recent study by Harvard University and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston found that women who drink just two glasses of wine a day are 50% more likely to get breast cancer than those that don't drink at all. And ...
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November 09, 2011
Any Excuse to Shoot Lasers, Right, Scotland?
Posted By Zack Jenkins
Researchers at Andrews University in Scotland have figured out the best way to test scotch-whisky authenticity-fire a laser at it! It sounds like a perfect Star Wars moment for alcohol lovers, doesn't it? But no, they're serious. It was all developed ...
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November 02, 2011
It's Not Okay, It's ArKay . . . and It's Alcoholic-Free!
Posted By Zack Jenkins
It's not just beer and wine that can be non-alcoholic anymore. Whisky has entered the sober game. The $40 billion dollar non-alcoholic beverage market is experiencing a first: ArKay Alcoholic -Free Whisky Flavored Drink. Available for purchase on ...
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