Commemorating 150 Years: Two Wines Symbolizing Italian Unification
Posted by Emily Steers
In March of 1861-- just a few days before the beginning of the American Civil War-- Italy announced its unification.  This year, to commemorate the country's 150th anniversary, two blends of the country's indigenous grapes will be released.

This extensive project was first proposed by President of VeronaFiere and VinItaly, Ettore Riello,  during VinItaly 2010, and was approved by Italian President Giorgio Napoletano and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Each of Italy's 20 regions submitted two indigenous grapes-- one white, one red-- to the Associazione Enologi Italiani, the Italian association that brings together and represents enologists and experts in the wine sector.  The Associazionie then amassed the needed wines and grapes, and proceeded to blend wines Giuseppe Martelli, the President of the Associazione, guarantees are of "high quality, and express the right balance of nobility and personality." 

Chosen white varietals include Vermentino from both Liguria and Sardegna, Garganega from Veneto, Malvasia from Lazio, and Fiano from both Campania and Apulia.

Chosen red varietals include Barbera from Piedmont, Sangiovese from both Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, Nero d'Avola from Sicily, and Teroldego from Trentino Alto Adige.  

The bottle design, from renowned Italian designer and architect Aldo Cibric, will be unveiled during this year's VinItaly festival, April 7th-11th in Verona.  

Additionally, the "superblends" will be publicly debuted and tasted during the festival.  
Remaining bottles will be sent to Italian President Napoletano, who will in turn gift the bottles to fellow heads of state, ambassadors, and the general council.

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