Clear, Non-fat Chocolate Dessert
Posted by Becky Sue Epstein
It's Godiva. The vodka, not the truffles.

  Well, we might have had the truffles, if there had been any left. But we ate them as soon as we opened the box. The Godiva people sent over chocolate and chocolate-raspberry truffles with samples of their chocolate infused and chocolate raspberry infused vodkas. Often, when a company does this — sends over fruit to match the flavor of their new vodka — it backfires, highlighting the differences between the real thing and the flavored vodka. This time, it worked. We sipped the vodkas, we nibbled the truffles, and it was great.

So when I was looking for a chocolate dessert the other night, preferably non-fat, I poured small shots of the two clear Godiva vodkas, on ice. How to choose which one we wanted - the chocolate or the chocolate raspberry? We couldn't choose. So we each had two glasses in front of us as we sat back and watched a hometown movie: Ben Affleck's The Town.

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Posted by Becky Sue Epstein on February 17, 2011 02:22 pm | Permalink 

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