Courvoisier Updates Image with Connoisseur Collection
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Courvoisier is changing things up with the launch of three new Cognacs. First up is their Connoisseur Collection. These two new labels will start hitting shelves in October, and aim to stand out with their age statement, which is prominently displayed on the packaging. Both labels replace Courvoisier's uniquely shaped bottles with a standard 750 ml cylinder - letting the spirit stand on its own and providing a more visually familiar image for new Cognac fans.

Courvoisier 12 is a value, at $49.99 a pop. You'll find floral notes on the nose, with a hint of spice. On the palate, look for almonds and a wisp of raisins, perfect for pairing with a dessert course. Courvoisier 21, the higher-end label, retails for $250 a bottle. Look for more complex notes of wood and honey in this option, which could be sipped with dessert or enjoyed on its own terms with a square of ice or two.

At the very high end, check out the new L'Essence de Courvoisier (pictured), a rare combination of blends that's put in a delicately constructed, teardrop shaped bottle. It retails at $3,000 a bottle, so expect this to be doled out at bars that are looking to add a sense of bling. The bottle, which was designed by famed crystal house Baccarat, seems to float in midair on its metal frame.

With brown spirits working their way into the mainstream, this new selection should leave Courvoisier well positioned behind the bar to take advantage of a thirsty public's growing demand.

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