Get Ready For Maker’s 46
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The folks down at the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky have only ever made one thing. Until now. A new label from Maker’s Mark is on the way to the market. Deemed Maker’s 46, this spirit puts a new twist on the old Maker’s recipe.

Maker’s Mark fans shouldn’t worry too much – the 46 label uses fully matured Maker’s Mark as its base. Rather than start from scratch, distiller Kevin Smith decided to stick with what works. Once the bourbon is fully mature in the barrel, the top is removed and ten seared oak staves are placed inside. The product is then returned to the shelves, where it is aged for several more months.

The searing caramelizes the sugars of the wood, and the flavor seeps into the bourbon. A recent tasting revealed that Maker’s 46 is kind of like “Maker’s Mark Plus.” You get all the caramel notes and drinkability of the original, plus a more intense aroma and notes of seared wood on the tongue.

Maker’s 46 is set to hit stores in July – just keep your eyes peeled for their signature red wax, which also tops this bottle.

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