Mystery Solved in San Marcos
Posted by The Armchair Oenophile

I've been wondering about this place called Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill just off I-35, in San Marcos, Texas. Would they really be wearing bikinis inside? I've been wondering. Really? You know, names can be deceptive. Hooters isn't really about owls, it turns out.

A peak inside Bikinis: PHOTO: ANTHONY HEAD

I wonder no more, though. Inside, every customer is a guy. Every server and bartender, however, is definitely not a guy, and the name of the place is right on the nose. It is not deceiving anyone in any way.  This unsolved mystery is solved.

Plus, it just so happens my Lakers are playing the Celtics, and I'm in a sports bar surrounded by gorgeous and voluptuous big-screen televisions. Look now—my bartender approaches. "Hello-o-o," I croon, "Did you know I write for The Tasting Panel magazine?"

Anthony Head is Texas Editor for The Tasting Panel. Read more on his website:

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Posted by The Armchair Oenophile on June 18, 2010 11:36 am | Permalink 

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