Decoding the Shaker Face.
Posted by New York Barfly

What does your shaker face say about you? That’s the question that one cheeky website asks. Shaker Faces ( thinks that you can learn a lot about your bartender from the face that they make while they shake you up a cocktail. They’ve gone around the country to scope some top bartenders as they shake, rattle and roll.

It’s true that shaking has become more complex lately. In New York, bartenders have developed overhead, behind the back, and full body maneuvers to give a drink that perfect chill. Plenty of pained expressions go along with their mixing.

Check out Ryan McGrale from The Flatiron Lounge. His shaker face says “you better like my drink, or there will be consequences.” Nice.

-James Mulcahy writes about New York bar culture at his blog, .

Posted by New York Barfly on June 07, 2010 11:31 am | Permalink 

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