Kanon Vodka Launches, Jello Shots in Tow
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When spirit brands launch, they hire bartenders to showcase the product. It’s rare that a liquor company comes up with something so inventive – and so tasty – as Kanon Vodka’s “Reverse Mojito”. This libation actually isn’t a cocktail. It’s a gussied up Jello shot. The move’s quite bold, considering that gelatin shooters are typically associated with frat parties and divey bars.

Kanon certainly isn’t looking to become part of that market. The crisp and smooth spirit hails from Sweden, where it was produced organically by The Gripsholm Distillery. They have mucho vodka production experience; they’ve been distilling for over 400 years. Right now Kanon is being poured in New York at the Morgans Hotel Group - always known as purveyors of the posh.


The Reverse Mojito is served in a spoon, which provides distance from its Dixie cup brethren. It combines a hint of mint with a little fizz. Take a look at the recipe below – it’s elaborate but worth the time if you want a refreshing jolt to start off a dinner or cocktail party.

Reverse Mojito (pictured on the right):

1. Add 1.5 small packets of Knox Unflavored Gelatin to 1/2 cup cold freshly squeezed lime juice and 1/4 cup of sugar. Stir.

2. Add 1/4 cup of boiling mint tea and dissolve gelatin, then add 1 cup Kanon Organic Vodka.

3. Cover in a square pan or small square tupperware container; the level should measure about 1.5 inches in depth. Place into the freezer or refrigerator. This should be gelled in about 30 minutes in a freezer and in about an hour with refrigeration.

4. When firm, slice length and width-wise into small 1 inch squares. (makes about 24 servings)

5. Carefully remove each square and place onto amuse bouche spoons. Uusing granulated sugar cover the top of the gelee.

6. Take a sodium bicarbonate powder or crushed unflavored Alka Seltzer powder and sprinkle just under a dime-sized amount on top of the sugared square.

7. Serve on spoons with a slice of lime on the side, instruct your guests to activate the fizz squeezing the lime juice over top.

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