Ardmore Online: A Decades Old Scotch Goes Digital
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Spirits companies are seeking new ways to engage consumers in the digital age. For Ardmore, a Single Malt Scotch Whisky, this meant going 3-D. No, not donning the funny glasses and watching fermentation on the silver screen. Their 3-D experience is online.

The Scotch maker has developed a 3-D “flavor spectrum” chart, and they encourage fans of the spirit to head online and log their tasting notes into this system. You may be far away from the Scottish Highlands, but you’ll be greeted by a video of distillery manager Alistair Longwell discussing the flavor profile and offering tips for tasting.

Since the digital age is all about the end user, Longwell encourages you to chart your own flavor notes on their 3-D spectrum. After you rank the Scotch on three criteria (light to rich, unpeated to peated, and sweet to floral), you’ll find out where your flavor profile falls on their three dimensional graph. You’ll also be able to see how you compare to some top whisky lovers, all of whom have an online presence. Are your notes closer to Cheri Loughlin of The Intoxicologist (, who thinks the Ardmore demonstrates a “delicate sweetness fleeting between significant smoke flavor”? Maybe you are more akin to Jeff Karlovitch ( who thinks the Scotch is like “a nice campfire in Autumn."

With liquor companies flocking to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, this interactivity is a way to break through the digital clutter. By logging on and charting your tasting notes, you’re not only learning a little about proper tasting, you’re taking part in a community of Scotch lovers. The website isn’t just a gateway to Ardmore. You can use the directory of experts as a guide to some great spirits writing online. Like any good website, you start off with one purpose only to be led off to an interesting world of related material.

Check out the Ardmore tasting graph at their website: On a rainy night in, who doesn’t love cozying up to their computer with a dram?

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